How to customise awesome shoes easily

I love to get creative and experimenting and I love cool shoes!  I wanted to customise some cool shoes easily to take to a festival we were going to.

I started with a pair of simple, white canvas pumps that I had bought on sale for just £3.

I don’t actually have a before photo of what I used as my excitement got the better of me before I took a photo – but these are similar.


After removing the laces, I taped some painters tape around the rubber, just incase it got coloured.

I could of just painted straight on to the shoe, however I wanted a marble, tie dye effect.

I used a pyrex baking dish and filled it with shaving foam, before dropping various fabric paints all over. The colours I chose were blue, purple and and silver.

Fabric paint time

Then I swirled the paints around to create the effect I wanted.

I suggest if you are trying this for yourself to read the dye/paint instructions for any preparation you may need to do before the dying/painting step, then adapt it to what you are colouring.

In my case the fabric needed to be dampened first. I dunked the shoes in the shaving foam, making sure every bit of the white canvas got covered.

I waited, probably for an hour, before scraping the coloured foam off with a spatula. This smears the paint and combines the colours to achieve the finishing results. I then rinsed off the colourful foam.

Finished results

Finally I blow dried the pumps to help set the dye.

The result was better than expected. You can’t see in the photos but the silver gave a slight sparkle in the light.

I would love to have been able to post a photo of me wearing them at the festival – however, it was a bit of a washout! So here’s a photo of one of my sons in the mud!

Muddy festival

I still had dye filled foam left over, so my son followed the technique and painted it on to a white t-shirt. This ended up being his favorite festival t-shirt. Pretty cool hey?!

I hope you’ve found this post as an inspiration to get experimenting. I’m thinking of creating a how to.  Would you be interested?

Thanks for reading 💕

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