It’s ok to not be ok

So I have been finding motivation to do ANYTHING impossible! I had began creating my bullet Journal to start in May- I filled out the first day and haven’t touched it since.

I wanted to write blog posts, but according to the many resources on the web, people wont be interested in reading about me, as a random new blogger, no-one cares what I’ve been up to. So I have had writers block- ALREADY in my new blogging journey.

My kids have been kicking off abut their school work, and my toddler has turned into the spawn of Satan. HELP!

So this last week I have found mega challenging. I have felt huge pressure over the home schooling thing, combined with trying to be a mum and housewife as well as incorporating working from home. I thought I had it in the bag, but no.

So perhaps needless to say I spent most of the last week wallowing in my own self pity.

I’ve cried, felt incapable, demotivated and inadequate.

Until a friend posted an inspirational quote on her Facebook, author, Jay Long -(I think.)

If anyone had a not so good day today Do your best to rock that shit tomorrow. Life is too short for two days of bullshit in a row.

So, I’ve had a word with myself! Life indeed is too short. I will write what I want to write about, if people read brilliant, if not it’s a lesson learned. I find it somewhat cathartic to write stuff anyway.

I have a new cafetière I’m planning on reviewing and a new tiny crochet hook to try out/review.

So, it is ok to not be ok. A good cry can do us all good when we are overwhelmed, sometimes it can be a good thing to give us the boot up the arse we need. I feel a new energy to succeed now.

However I must say, if you have increased down days and can’t get yourself out of that downer. Please talk to someone, be it a friend, relative or an Organization like the Samaritans. People do care, whatever you might be telling yourself.

I have had motivational talk with my kids, explaining they need to really try to commit the school work to achieve their dreams. I am a big believer you can achieve whatever you want as long as you put the hard work in. So I have to prove this is true to my children by hopefully finding my niche and growing my blog.

Watch this space x

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