We built a Lego sweet dispenser

If you like Lego and sweets you should make this cool Lego sweet dispenser.

Lego sweet dispenser

My son wanted to make a sweet machine from Lego. We watched many videos and visited many sites. Until we found the following blog Frugal fun for boys.

It showed us step by step how to make this machine with bricks any Lego lover is most likely to have.

It did take some searching for the bricks through the copious amount we have. We also had to use our initiative to substitute a few bricks we didn’t have for bricks that could do the same job.

We were really happy with the end result. My son has added to it, a Lego man known as the “Ginger Ninja” sat at some controls. He has now decided we will be building lots more machines like this to create a factory.

I LOVE Lego, the creations you can make are endless. It’s suitable for children and adults. I also find it a great for a bit of down time. It gets the old grey matter working, if you are building freestyle and trying to work out how to get your end result.

Here’s a video of the finished machine 😃

My son is now working on another dispenser which he said he is making some improvements. I think I will be posting more updates on our growing Lego factory!

I’m off to play Lego and find more cool machines to make.

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