9 top tips for the first time blogger

I’ve been blogging for a very small amount of time, but have learnt the following tips that I hope will be helpful to fellow newbies. My 9 top tips for the first time blogger are:

  • Plan what you are going to write. Using a method that works for you, for example mine would be mind mapping or free writing. Gather all of your ideas then condense and compile to plan an introduction, a middle and an end.

  • Be passionate about your subject. This will provide a better quality post. Rather than a half assed post waffling about a subject just for the sake of it.

  • Draw readers in with your headline. This is the first aspect that readers look at when browsing through blogs. Readers are more likely to be enticed to read a post that answers a specific question. Or a post that promises to offer guidance. Headlines that are specific are more likely to attract more attention.

  • Set up social media accounts to gain a following. This will help to increase traffic to your blog, to gain a following and to form writing relationships. Social media sites are great platforms to ask for advice, network, and to support each other.

  • Follow, read and engage with other people’s blogs. Comment with helpful, polite comments. Let the writer know you have enjoyed their post and why. It is also ok to disagree with views of others just as long as you express it in a fair way. Hopefully your comments will be returned and perhaps you will gain constructive criticism or a compliment on your work.

  • Concentrate on quality not quantity. I guess this relates to the first two points. It is better to spend time on providing good quality content; content that draws readers in and want to return to your blog. Having fewer good quality posts will do much better than writing a substandard post everyday.

  • Link to other webpages/blogs where you you have referred to them. Just as when you provide references in college/school/university. Also, bloggers that you have linked or referred to may return the favourites your content is relevant. It could be the beginning of a beautiful bloggers friendship 💜

  • Enjoy yourself and don’t be deflated by having little or no followers for a while. I have 0 followers currently! Rome wasn’t built in a day. See the positives, keep writing, especially those good quality posts so when you have a following there is plenty of great posts to read!

  • Proof read, proof read, proof read!! This is really important, if there are obvious typos or spelling mistakes it just doesn’t look good and your blog looks less credible. (I am so going to have to quadruple-check this post for mistakes!). I suggest after writing your post, leave it a while before doing a final proof read. Sometimes it helps to get someone else to have a look with fresh eyes. (If you do come across any mistakes, I’m just testing you 😉).

This concludes my 9 top tips for the first time blogger

I really hope this post has been helpful in some way.

Can you think of any other top tips that you wish you had known when starting out? Please comment below.

Have a nice day ❤️

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  1. “Enjoy yourself“ this is so important, that’s so true! If you don’t enjoy it, eventually you’ll give up! I love that you emphasized on enjoying yourself, even if you have little to no readers! 💕 Great post.

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  2. These are some really helpful tips for bloggers who are just starting out! Thank you for sharing your tips for others!

    I wish I had posts like this when I first started blogging

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