Camp Bestival Easter stay at home sleep over

So yesterday we joined in with the Camp Bestival Easter stay at home sleepover. It was on for two days, however we had a grumpy toddler and being Easter we had other traditions so didn’t take part today (Easter). The beauty of the stay at home sleepover is that we could do the second day tomorrow, or another day. We just won’t be joining in live.

We started the with a wake up workout from Mr Motivator…. it was hilarious. My eldest son Ollie (20) wore his Mr Motivator costume to truly get in to the spirit. I took. Time-lapse video.

I wasn’t totally in shot as it was a bit of a last minute thing and I wasn’t looks my best. My 11 year old, Oscar raced to shut our curtains to make sure there was no chance that anyone could see us! He decided to look after the youngest of the family, Isabella – 1 &1/2 year old scary toddler. She mainly clings to my leg- makes an interesting workout. After our wake and shake Oscar made some signs.

I think you’ll agree that the pricing is very competitive.

I’m so unorganised (that’s a whole other post,in the process beg written!) – I should have planned for my kids to start work on these things days before. It would have kept them occupied. I Had wanted to make some bunting/flags to hang in the garden-but it didn’t happen. I am the women who didn’t visit her wedding venue until two days before my wedding!

Oscar made some yummy flapjacks to sell at his and Samuel’s bar – very reasonably priced by the way! We also made an absolutely lush Raspberry Mocktail which would be turned into a lush cocktail with some alcohol added. We found the recipe here

We enjoyed a couple of beers while watching Nellie Cook’s ‘Fat Girl Slim’ set with the help,of her dad, Norman Cook ‘Fat Boy Slim’ find the link to her set here.

We had such a lovely family day together having fun. We could have made it better if we had planned things a little better.

10/10 to Camp Bestival for such a fantastic idea. As soon as it is payday I will be making a donation to the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust and The Trussell Trust

Stay home and stay safe everyone 💙
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