Will a bullet journal organise an unorganised mum?

The following post caught my eye while browsing and reading blogs with my morning cuppa. I found it on Bluechickenninja’s blog post about Bullet journals. Will a bullet journal organise me, an unorganised mum!

Intrigued I browsed the internet for more examples of what bullet journalling is and will it be the magic cure to my 37 years of  a scatty, chaotic lifestyle?

So what is a bullet journal?

Ryder Carroll, a designer in New York City created the bullet journal – or “Bujo”. It is a an organisational system created in a  blank journal usually, the basic framework  comprises the following:

  • An index – to go in the front of the journal – Each page is numbered and listed in the index.
  • Future log – where you would write important events/deadlines that you would like to meet in the future.
  • Monthly task list – where you would write tasks you would like to accomplish that month
  • Daily log – you would write the day’s date with tasks you wish to accomplish.  You are supposed to write the entries succinctly. 

This is just a basic outline. There are many, websites, blogs and social media platforms out there with a plethora of ideas to fill your journal.  So many beautiful doodles and designs.  Starting a Bullet Journal looks to be a truly cathartic and mindful exercise. I am really looking forward to giving it a go.  I’m  quite sceptical about whether it will help me organise my life.

You can see how I have started my first bullet journal here.





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      I’ve started slowly to draft in pencil. I’ve been totally inspired by your posts 😀 just working on my monthly and weekly spreads for May.(that’s when I intend to start!)

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