Taste safe moon dough recipe

playing with moon dough

Taste safe moon dough ingredients

To make a quick and simple taste safe moon dough I use:

260 grams of plain flour

3 tablespoons of oil – I used vegetable oil. Olive oil would work too!


Weigh out the flour into a large bowl, Then add the oil.  I found stirring with a wooden spoon until the oil was mixed in well worked great before  I kneaded the ingredients together.  The dough should hold it’s shape once squished but also crumble between the fingers.  

This literally takes about 5 minutes to conj-or up.  I keep in an airtight container.  It would be great to add some colour, however I don’t have any in the house at the moment. I believe an oil based food colouring would be the way to go.  When I manage to get some I will update this taste safe moon dough recipe.

Once made I tipped out onto my daughter’s high chair table with some fun moulds and scoops.  She had so much fun squishing it, and having a little taste!  later I plan to turn out on to a tray so she can stand on the dough and feel it between her toes.  We wont  be able to go to the beach anytime soon so experience sand between the toes it real life!

I would definitely make sure you play with the moon dough on an easily cleaned service.  Or put a protective mat under whatever your playing surface is.  It was easily hovered from the lino covered kitchen floor.  Not sure how carpet would fair due to the oil?

Moon dough play ideas

  • You could bury animal figures in the moon dough for your child to find.
  • Add glitter to make the moon dough magical – note this wouldn’t be taste safe unless edible glitter!
  • use moulds to make castles in the moon dough
  • tip moon dough in to a tray for sensory for the feet


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