6 activities to keep your children busy

We are at the end of our 2 weeks of self isolation, after our youngest fell ill with a fever.  Wow, it has been interesting; a family of 6 Confined to our undersized house and garden.  However, I managed to keep the children somewhat busy during our time in isolation,  with these 6 activities to keep your children busy.  I hope some of these ideas will help someone else.

With a very impatient toddler I have had to find activities that involve objects that we have in our house due to not being able to leave (self isolation).

1 ~ Homemade moon sand








A sensory delight for all! We made up some moon sand, also known as cloud dough using two ingredients flour and vegetable oil.  a link to the recipe is here.

This can get quite messy, but kept my children busy for quite sometime.  We all enjoyed the way we could mould the sand and squish it through our fingers.  This moon sand is taste safe, not ideal for eating but shouldn’t be toxic if your little one decides to give it a taste.  This is of course if your child is not allergic to flour/the oil you use.  Colouring, glitter and scents can be added to make the dough/sand even more appealing to the senses.  However, I would only use this ingredients if making for children you can trust not to eat it!

2 ~ Mess Free Painting

Mess free painting

This activity is easy-peasy.   We have no paint in the house.  We improvised and grabbed a paintbrush and a container of water.  I then showed Isabella how she could use the water and paintbrush to make marks on a giant cardboard box.  She had great fun painting the box and then various other objects in the garden, including me.  Mess factor was zero.

3 ~ Pouring oats

We have no play sand for the sand/water table.  So I felt quite smug with myself when I improvised an alternative – simply porridge oats.  Isabella really enjoyed pouring the oats from her bucket into her sand moulds.  She then decided to deposit little mounds of oats around the garden! 

If you don’t have a table like the one pictured a large tub like a washing up bowl would do the trick with some empty clean pots for pouring, like yogurt pots.  You could add some utensils like wooden spoons so your little one can experiment with making marks in the oats.  

4 ~ Bubbles

Bubbles are a quick and simple way to have fun.  We luckily happened to have a pot of bubbles and a bubble machine.  This has made an appearance everyday keeping us all busy and active playing pop the bubbles. 

5 ~ Cardboard box house

Before putting out for recycling we had a massive cardboard box.  Great fun for making a little den.  Isabella kept busy and used her paintbrush and water to paint the interior.  one of our dogs Reggie enjoyed camping out in the cardboard house.

6 ~ Get active!

My boys have kept busy and active during the self isolation by bouncing on the trampoline and playing swing ball.  It is really important for them to release energy and get some form of fun exercise. 

They are usually very busy out with their friends and playing football.  It makes such a difference when they haven’t exerted any energy during the day.  There is certainly a marked increase in grumpiness if they haven’t been active!

These are just a few of the ideas that have kept the children busy during our self isolation period.  I aim to add more as the UK lockdown continues.

Thanks for reading my 6 activities to keep your children busy.




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