Fossil hunting on the Jurassic Coast

Well what a beautiful day it was today.  My husband had the best idea of going to the beach to do some fossil hunting.  Living on the Jurassic coast in Dorset we are extremely lucky that it is just a 10 minute drive to get to Charmouth.  So we packed the car with the two youngest boys and our two Jack Russell’s Snoop and Reg.

We made our way to the right of the beach and found loads of fossils.  We spent about 3 hours between the rocks, sifting through the stones  hunting forvfossils.

There were loads of belemnites, here are 3 of the loads we found!

My best find was some ammonites covered in pyrite, and something that resembles a tooth maybe?

The boys found a great collection and have made a small display in their bedroom!

It was a truly lovey day, we all had fun including the dogs.

We finished a lovely day with an ice cream.

We found so many more fossils and interesting stones but they are still in the car.  They were all found safely between stones and rocks, no dangerous cliff climbing or hammering involved!

Our day has been finished off with a delicious roast dinner.  I’m looking forward to a sleepy evening in front of the TV.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my day.

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